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Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Understanding your medications is critical to your health and wellbeing. Your pharmacist can assess your medications to ensure that you are taking the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time and are not at risk for complications. We will also answer any questions you may have about your medications.

Prescription Management

From renewals to refills and everything in between, we can help you manage your prescriptions. Our pharmacy team is more than happy to review your prescriptions with you and outline any important information, such as how to take certain medications and when. We can also review your medications to ensure that they will not interact with one another and that it is the best choice for your health.

Free Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of having your prescription medication delivered right to your front door. Whether you are feeling under the weather, are working from home or simply don’t want to leave the house, our free prescription delivery service may be beneficial to you.

Specialty Blister Packaging

Whether you need help organizing multiple medications or are simply looking for a better approach to prescription management, our specialty blister packaging can help. Keep your prescription medications organized with packaging that is custom to meet your needs. Ensure that you take the right medication and at the right time with help from our pharmacy team.

Prescription Compounding

Do you require a specialty medication? We can help ensure that your medication meets your every health need with prescription compounding. We will work with you and your general health care provider to ensure that your medication is the perfect fit for your unique health requirements. Our prescription compounding service is available for both humans and animals.

Travel and Vaccine Administrations

Our pharmacy team is here to help you take a proactive approach to protecting your health. We can administer a range of travel immunizations and vaccinations, if deemed appropriate or necessary by your general health care provider. To learn more about the vaccinations and immunizations available to you, speak with our pharmacy team today.

Private Counselling

Whether you’re navigating through a lifestyle change or simply could benefit from a shoulder to lean on, our private counselling services may help. Our team of counsellors are highly experienced, respectful and discreet. Speak with our pharmacy team to learn more about our private counselling services and find out if this is the right path for you.

Methadone Program

Our team is here to support you through all your health and lifestyle changes. This includes those who struggle with substance abuse and would like to seek help. We can help you find local support in the community, access safe over-the-counter medications and provide you the care you deserve. Our Methadone Program is private, respectful and confidential.

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